Giving back

As a London based brand, we constantly support charity organisations and our local communities through art and craft projects. 

Women for Women

As a female-founded and predominantly female-run business, we are committed to leveraging our unique position to make a meaningful impact on communities. Beyond providing empowering workspaces for women, we actively support noteworthy organizations such as Women for Women. Our involvement extends to various programs dedicated to assisting women who have been affected by the increasing challenges to women's rights, both in Afghanistan and the tragic aftermath of the war in Ukraine, as well as ongoing global conflicts. Through our efforts, we aspire to bring about positive transformations in the lives of women facing adversity worldwide.  
Women for Women International invests where inequality is greatest by helping women who are forgotten: the women survivors of war and conflict. In Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Sudan, women learn skills to rebuild their families and communities through Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Program. They form support networks, are equipped with the skills to earn an income and save, and gain knowledge and resources about health and their rights. Since 1993, their global community has invested in the power of over 530,000 women across 14 conflict-affected countries, creating a ripple effect that makes the world more equal, peaceful, and prosperous.


Wandsworth Oasis

As a London-based brand, we constantly support our local communities and partner with our local organization, Wandsworth Oasis, a London-based charity that raises funds for HIV support, prevention, and awareness-raising projects across South West London. Since its foundation in 1989, Wandsworth Oasis has provided support to - and challenged stigma toward - those living with HIV.

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