Every Vilshenko collection is steeped in the heritage of Russia. From the folkloric embroidery of traditional costumes, to the ornate detailing of antique ceramics, founder and designer Olga Vilshenko draws on the rich culture and history of her homeland for her designs. Although she takes inspiration from the past, she lends each piece a contemporary sensibility through the use of modern techniques, easy-to-wear fabrics and simple silhouettes. “My aim is to create timeless collections. My designs don't depend on current trends, which means that they will look fashionable in 10 or 50 years time,” she says.  

It is the enduring appeal of Vilshenko that was the impetus behind the launch of the Heritage collection. Upon continually receiving requests from clients to reproduce pieces from previous collections, Olga found an answer in the creation of a line which featured reissued styles from seasons past. Some of the brand’s most-loved designs, in particular Vilshenko’s signature embroidered capes and jackets, have been remade for this seasonless collection. A testament to the brand’s inimitable aesthetic, it celebrates the loyalty of customers and the power of lasting design. 


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